Starting with a handful of children in 1986 under the auspices of the Veretzkier Rebbe, HaRav Yecheskiel Shraga Landau ZT"L, and the later Veretzkier Rov, HaRav Aron Tzvi Landau ZT"L, Mosdos Veretzky has flourished and grown into a well seasoned and skilled community based educational institutions in Marine Park, Flatbush & Lakewood. Our program includes a Pre-School, Elementary, High School & Summer sleep away camp.  Our devoted Rebbis, general studies teachers and Hanhallah fully understand that the Yeshiva's success is directly dependent on the genuine warmth, individualized care, and specific attention given to each student, effectively infusing every precious talmud with the necessary self esteem and life long love, understanding and appreciation for a Yiddishkeit steeped in Torah, Mesorah and Tradition.


At a time when we are constantly confronted in an ever changing secular world, with an assault on our very being and sense of value as a Yid, the Yeshiva's single goal is to properly educate confident yet sensitive well rounded children, the builders of Torah Ugedulah for future generations.